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नीचे आप लोगो की तैयारी के लिए कुछ VOCABULARY दी गयी है, आप इन्हें याद करे और अंत में REVISION के लिए इन्हें दोबारा लिखा गया है |
इन्हे पढ़ने के बाद comment करके जरूर करे |

Meaning  -
The highest or climactic point of something. (चरम बिंदु )

Use in sentence
This study is the culmination of years of research.
More words related to culmination
·                   Pinnacle – The highest level  (शिखर)
·       Zenith – Peak, the point at which something is most powerful (शीर्षबिंदु, चरम सीमा)



 Belief that people always act selfishly, doubtful. ( विश्वास कि लोग हमेशा स्वार्थी कार्य करते हैं, संदेहास्पद)

Use in sentence

He was cynical about politicians' promises on taxes.

More words related to cynicism
·       Scepticism – Doubt ( संदेह )
·      Incredulity - The state of being unwilling or unable to believe something.( संदेह करना)

A person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit.( दक्ष संगीतज्ञ)

Use in the sentence

Even though the virtuoso died over two centuries ago, his piano music is still being performed on a daily basis.

More words related to virtuoso

Prodigy – A young person who has a great natural ability for something such as music, mathematics or sport.( विलक्षण प्रतिभा संपन्न व्यक्ति)

Doyen – The most respected and prominent person in a particular field. (प्रतिष्ठित सदस्य)


·       Culmination
·         Pinnacle
·       Zenith
·       Cynicism
·       Scepticism
•  Incredulity
•  Virtuoso
·       Prodigy
·       Doyen

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  1. sir thanx for new set of vocab. sir one request is that after the vocab provide the detail about parts of speech