Sunday, October 14, 2018

Have you ever wondered WHAT are the strategies made by the Toppers?
Well, there are a lot of methods but choosing the best and convenient one is a bit challenging.
I have made my fair share of strategies, tried and tested a lot in the past years. This has led me to create my own list of strategies and sets of questions, notes and methods that will be useful for the aspirants.
This includes the experience that I have acquired in my teaching career that will enhance your skills and time management so that you can score maximum marks in the exams and come out with flying colors.

BUT here is a catch
As you might be surrounded by many misconceptions, suggestions but choosing the right one is the main task, I am here to help you out because one’s strategy isn’t appropriate for another. I being a founder of MOTHERS EDUCATION HUB, have taught and interacted with a lot of students including toppers in the competitive exams and what I realized is that aspirants make some mistakes in the preparation that toppers don’t.
I am going to share my experience that I had with selected students and QUESTIONS, NOTES that will definitely going to help you in exams. The foremost thing any competitive exam requires is persistency and determination. For this I will be posting questions on daily basis and if you solve them you will definitely get benefit.
Here In this blog I am going to explain the methods to increase the calculation speed and efficiency so that you can attempt maximum questions in the given time span, various strategies and methods that will be very useful for the exams.
In my 9 years of teaching I have closely observed the pattern of questions and changes in the pattern of asking questions and what I have realized that if someone has his basics clear then he will not face any problem in any tier of the exam. In this blog series I am going to teach you basics along with short tricks that will act as pillars in building your preparation for these exams.